SONORA-185AS Tkanina trudnopalna

185g/m2 | 80% Bawełna, 19% Poliester, 1% Antystatyk | Płócienny 1/1
Flame retardant fabric Sonora-185AS is a light protective fabric for hot climate made of 80% cotton, 19% polyester and 1% antistatic in plain 1/1 weave. It is a good choice for flame retardant shirts or other light flame retardant clothing.

The areas of Sonora fr-fabric use might be Transportation of Oil & Gas (pipelines workers), Petrochemical (refineries staff), Utilities (Electrical/Water/Gas service companies personnel) etc. High quality cotton rich blend, improved by addition of polyester, provides that Sonora-185 FR-fabric combines comfort of natural fibers and durability, higher tear resistance and better colorfastness of polyester.
Belltron antistatic yarn is embedded in the structure of Sonora-185 AS. These carbon stripes give to the wearer extra protection against Static Electricity sparks(ESD), which might be dangerous in explosive atmospheres of Refineries or Oil Terminals.